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 Project Officer
 Groupe Developpement South Asia

 Location: Kolkata
 Last Date: May 5, 2009
 Email: (Reference:

 Project Officer

Groupe Developpement ( is an international NGO that works on child protection, poverty alleviation and livelihoods.

Its South Asian regional programme focuses on preventing trafficking and exploitation of children. It has a regional office in India (SARO) with country offices in Pakistan and Nepal – and aims to set up a country office in Bangladesh to manage and coordinate projects that GD supports in Bangladesh

Groupe Développement regional office for south Asia ( is in Kolkata , and has a team of 15 people. The team comprises of project management department (project managers are responsible for monitoring of projects and mentoring partner organizations) and a programmes department (this is the technical support wing responsible for training and capacity building of the organizations), a department of finance, administration and contracts and an information officer. The regional office also monitors country offices of Nepal and Bangladesh and coordinates with Pakistan country office in specific areas of collaboration.

Job Location: Kolkata, India

Reporting To: Regional Director

Description of the role

As a project officer, you are responsible for coordination of the SANJOG project with NATSAP, the network of organizations in Andhra Pradesh, Don Bosco Navajeevan, Don Bosco Ashalayam and Praajak. You are also responsible for monitoring of the projects at least once every quarter. You are requested to strengthen the working relations between NATSAP and Don Bosco Navajeevan, as well as with Ashalayam and Praajak. You are requested to assist planning processes with all these partners, ensure administrative and documentation tasks, as well as coordinate activities regarding these projects implemented through consultants. Groupe Developpement will rely on you to advice on strategies on networking with other NGOs, state agencies and build visibility of the organization and the project in Andhra Pradesh. You are expected to seek assistance from your supervisor in any task or aspect of your role that you feel deficient in, strictly follow administrative processes of reporting. You will be responsible for coordinating any visits to the said projects by other partners, donors/ funders and ensure smooth operations in such tasks.

Job Description / Responsibilities

1. Monitor the anti-trafficking project designed and implemented by NATSAP
a. Monitor the implementation of the child protection units.
b. Monitor the capacity building of social workers working with children and enhance their capacities in identifying vulnerabilities of the children and the context, and their capacity in facilitating the activation of CVGs, especially in building community participation and accountability of the PRI in addressing vulnerabilities.
c. Mentor HELP and the NATSAP coordinator in network building, participation of all organisations in the network and build a structure and system of the network.
d. Ensure building of the database of children under direct intervention through the project, quantifiable changes in the process of their empowerment or the changes in their context (of vulnerability) that this project brings through.
e. Review and ensure minimum quality of reporting (quarterly and annual).
f. Ensure that all monitoring reports are sent to NATSAP in no less than 15 days from the monitoring exercise. Maintain records of all monitoring reports.

2. Monitor projects planned and implemented by Don Bosco Ashalayam
a. To strengthen the programme on economic rehabilitation of adolescents and young adults graduating from the organisation, especially of girls, including that of de-institutionalisation.
b. To ensure that the gaps addressed in evaluations conducted in 2007-2008 are addressed, and the strategic plans/ action plans the organisation evolves are implemented.
c. Monitor the outputs and outcomes of strategies and activities of street based interventions in Howrah and Sealdah strongly.
d. Evaluate the counselling programme in the organisation every quarter in 2008.

3. Monitor the project designed and implemented by Don Bosco Navajeevana:
a. To learn the strengths and weaknesses of the programme, and draw a comparative differential with the processes of other Don Bosco institutions, especially that of Ashalayam. This would facilitate the areas of cross organisational IKAS flow to nurture both programmes.
b. Process document the camps – especially that with the older adolescent boys, and check against outcome indicators.
c. Monitor the programme at Mantada – and do a comparative of approach with other initiatives with similar objectives. Propose a mentoring programme.
d. Conduct a needs assessment of capacity building programme for programme implementers. Also conduct a needs assessment of a gender, sexuality and sexual health programme.

4. Case management: Map processing of inter-state cases managed by NATSAP, Navajeevana, Ashalayam and Praajak that deal with trafficking and interstate migration/ trafficking.


• Strong communication skills in English. Working knowledge of Telegu.
• Writing proposals, reports to meet notably European Commission (EC) requirements.
• Knowledge of research, training or documentation (either or all) - excellent analytical, synthesis, writing and organizational skills.
• Project management (conception, planning, monitoring, evaluation, logical frame and indicators), dealing with local NGOs.
• Work on financial reports.
• Ability to lead a team in the country office, supervise and monitor.
• Computer literacy: MS office, accounts management software (Excel), any database software (such as Access).
• Willingness to travel both in country and regionally
• Flexible, Openness to learning and Critical thinking
• Sensitive to organization values and principles
• Proficient in email communication
• Ability to work independently
• Experience in project management and training or research or advocacy.
• Experience of having worked in child protection, with preferably a field experience of working with trafficked children/ women, street children or on issues of cross border trafficking.
• Knowledge of participatory techniques and methodologies.
• Experience of fundraising towards public and private donors

Interested candidates are requested to send their resumes to latest by May 5. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted through email.

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