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 Administrative Officer

 Location: Hyderabad
 Last Date: April 30, 2009
 Email: (Reference:

 Objective: Overseeing the Administration works like procurements, office maintenance, head office vehicle maintenance and also does the work related to the accounts, acts as Cashier for the Organization, and voucher entering into the System in account package

Accounting and Books Keeping: Maintenance of day-to-day accounts to ensure proper compliance with the systems and procedures of APMAS.

Location : Hyderabad

Major Key Responsibilities and Tasks

Accounting and Books Keeping: Maintenance of day-to-day accounts to ensure proper compliance with the systems and procedures of APMAS.

Key Tasks:
1. Preparation of Vouchers- cash , bank, Journal Vouchers
2. Checking of bills
3. Payment of both routine and non routine expenditure
4. Up dating accounts every day- Cash, Bank, Journal vouchers

Bank Transactions and Fund Management
Key Tasks:
1. Bank Reconciliation- checking the bank related office books with the bank books
2. Planning for investments-Fixed Deposits
3. Tracking of investments maturities

Up dating key functionaries about Financial Issues
Key Tasks:
1. Preparation of Monthly Expenditure statement
2. Expenditure statements for Board/Audit Committee

Reporting to Funding Agencies
Key Tasks:
1. Monthly statements to Funding Agencies
2. Variance Reports
3. Any information required by the agencies

Compliance with Statutory Matters
Key Tasks:
1. PF Returns (Monthly and Annual)
2. Yearly IT returns (annual, 24,26 etc)
3. Amendments to articles
4. Application for TDS exemption certificates

Budgeting and Budgetary Control
Key Tasks:
1. Involvement in budgeting
2. Variance Reports

Audit and Taxation
Key Tasks:
1. Arrangements for audit (both Internal and external)
2. Finalization of statement of account to be submitted to Statutory auditors

Insurance and Claims
Key Tasks:
1. Keep track of Insurance maturities
2. Renewal of Insurance Policies
3. Application for claims (if any accidents/damages) and follow-up

General Administration:
1. Purchasing/ procurement
Skills & Competencies
l Effective inter-personal skills
l Communication and presentation skills
l Ability to Liaise and Coordinate with Govt. departments
l Good Analytical abilities and ease with numbers
l Highly self-motivated and achievement-oriented

Key Contacts
l IT Dept, PF Dept, P.Tax Dept. etc.
l Bank Managers where ever APMAS is having accounts
l Auditors
l Consultants

Educational Qualifications: M.Com., with 1 year relevant experience or B.Com with 3 years relevant experience.

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