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 Research Officer

 Location: Hyderabad
 Last Date: April 30, 2009
 Email: (Reference:

 Research & Advocacy Department conducts various studies on different aspects of the microfinance sector. These studies will take a close look at different issues, policies, procedures, practices, methods and programmes in the sector and distill knowledge and disseminate it across the sector there by bringing awareness among all the stake holders on various issues. The Research findings of APMAS would provide inputs not only to all the other services of APMAS but also for all the other programmes and services of other major stakeholders. Also the Research studies would identify the best practices and would advocate them. The Research & Advocacy wing would act in coordination with Govt. agencies and all other stake holders to create a harmonious and efficient working environment in the state, to strengthen the SHG movement

Job Title: Research Officer

Accountable to: Chief Executive Officer

Overall purpose of the job: Identifying research areas in MF sector, Designing research studies, knowledge, dessimination and assimilation data analysis, preparing reports on the study findings, Networking & collaborating with the stake Holders and Developing resource center and Website
Prepare Research Designs:
Identification of research questions/ problems/topics for study
Preparation of research proposals
Preparation of data collection tools
Field visits for primary data
Conduct Data analysis
Conducts regular Meetings
Conduct collaborative studies

Research Studies:
Identify issues and areas to be researched
Under take and supervise wide range of research studies
Analyze the study findings across the MF sector to its benefit

Research Publications:
Develop a repository of various publications relating to the organization objectives
Self Help Groups, Federations and Microfinance institutions
Women Empowerment
Livelihoods/ Micro-entrepreneurs
Poverty Reduction
Helps in Publication of News letter and the Research findings
Establish institutional linkages with various academic, research, training, Government, non-Government Organizations etc
Establish networks and research groups & acquire membership in exist ones
Coordination of research teams
Coordinate with all the stake holders for their participation
Coordinate with the team members for developing a repository of research department

Provide guidance to research associates/ junior researchers and research students
Look after the publications of various strategies, methodologies evolved by various departments of the organizations
Publication of various assessment and research studies done by the organization
Preparation of annotated bibliographies
Preparation of abstracts
Participation in the publication of news letter
Participation in meetings, workshops and conferences
Pursue the content of the website

Planning and Organizing:
Organize meetings/ workshops/ conferences/ seminars relating to various research activities for advocacy
Plan workshops/ meetings/conferences to disseminate findings of studies
Organize joint events with specific research and academic institutions
Plans and Prepare discussion papers/ background papers for these events
Plan and Prepare proceedings of the events & reports of various kinds
Systemizations of findings during the research analysis
Evaluation of progress reports
Preparation of reports on the basis of secondary data
Plan and organize the research design in writing the study reports

Role in advocacy of policy changes/ making
Sharing of research findings
Extension of need based support
Involvement in policy changes
To develop and maintain resource center with the assistance of research associate
Purchase of books, journals etc for better understanding of Microfinance sector
Maintenance of database for research studies
Organization membership to various journals

Qualifications and Experience:
Doctoral degree in social sciences or an equalent work
Minimum of 5 years of research experience
Ability to conduct independent research
Minimum of 3 publications in reputed journals
Report writing
Skills and competencies:
Good interpretation skills
Good communication and drafting skills
Ability to work in teams

Key Contacts:
Regional Managers
Other Department Heads
Government Officials
Research Institutions

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