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 Director - XSP
 World Vision India

 Location: Chennai
 Last Date: May 6, 2009
 Email: (Reference:

 World Vision India


Position Title: Director - XSP


Division : Cross Sector Partnership

Reporting Relationship:


The Position: Director - XSP


To create and leverage corporate relationships to enhance impact and influence.

II. POSITION GOALS AND OBJECTIVES (Generic Performance Measures)

• engage the Corporate Sector, Research Institutions, Educational Institutions and similar organizations in various ways to address the root cause of poverty and to achieve inclusive economic growth.

• strengthen World Vision India’s capacity to build, manage and leverage corporate partnerships for enhanced ministry impact, program quality and accountability through pursuing and supporting innovative resource acquisition and programming opportunities.

• enhance the development of corporate partnerships as well as to increase cash and in-kind revenue.


• Lead an integrated approach across types of corporate sector engagement activities (i.e. from philanthropic to core business)
• Co-ordinate World Vision activities with companies within India across marketing, programs and policy / advocacy
• Leverage current corporate contacts for greater impact on a country/regional level.
• Create the internal World Vision awareness for the importance of developing corporate partners as a future income source in the region
• Develop direct relations with new corporate partners

The following competencies may be acquired through a combination of personal commitment, formal schooling, education, prior experience:

A. Education: A Postgraduate degree or a professional degree in Marketing / Management

B. Experience: Should have at least 5 - 10 years of senior level corporate experience in marketing or management

C. Expertise:

Technical Expertise: Strong commercial skills and communication competency, with ability to understand the constraints under which corporations work.

Planning and Execution: Highly developed planning and analytical skills, with ability to critically assess new projects.

Leading People: Ability to foster teamwork, mentor and coach colleagues, motivate and work with others.

Building Coalitions: Effective interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills, including ability to build relations with external partners

Innovative Approaches: Ability to develop innovative programmes while not deviating from the overall country strategy.

IT Skills: Basic IT skills in MS Office, including the application of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project and the ability to use e-mail and conduct internet research.


A. CORE CAPABILITIES (Individual/Staff Level)

1. Understanding World Vision’s Mission and Operations - This capability is about a holistic understanding and personal commitment to World Vision’s child-focused vision, mission, and core values. It includes being able to articulate the strategic directions, ethos, and financial foundations as well as describing the core business areas.
• Understands WV core documents (vision, mission, core values, covenant of partnership and ministry policies)
• Represents World Vision as a child-focused organization
• Understands fundraising (including sponsorship), relief, development and advocacy issues including operational consequences
• Explains WV work in relation to issues of poverty, power, justice and peace
• Puts personal work into the wider WV context

2. Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly – This capability is about thinking through what is important to the role, task or issue at hand. It involves analytical, conceptual, and critical thinking in order to bring greater clarity. It helps people to see underlying assumptions and make sense out of ambiguous information.
• Asks key questions and gathers relevant information
• Sees relationship between cause, effects, and big picture
• Breaks down complex information into simple language
• Identifies gaps, trends, priorities and key issues

3. ACHIEVING Quality Results and Service - This capability is about keeping the end in mind and getting things done to ensure the quality of the program or activity. It involves being proactive and taking personal responsibility for action. It means that customers are satisfied, work has the desired impact and staff demonstrates a desire to achieve excellence.
• Clarifies the goals and purpose of work tasks
• Completes tasks in a timely, cost-effective way
• Responds promptly in a professional manner
• Stays committed to outcomes despite obstacles

4. Demonstrating Christ-centered life and work - This capability includes living out a positive and compassionate approach to witness and service as a follower of Jesus Christ. This includes seeking to develop spiritual maturity and supporting corporate spirituality.
• Links personal mission and work to spirituality
• Affirms and explains the basic beliefs of the Christian faith
• Reflects Christ-like values in work and life
• Seeks spiritual growth for self and others
• Demonstrates a growing understanding of and respect for Christian diversity
• Respects and relates appropriately to people of other faiths
• Contributes to corporate spirituality

5. Practicing Accountability and Integrity - This capability is about exercising stewardship of resources and demonstrating trustworthiness. It means being consistent between the actions we take and the words we use. It involves adhering to standards of service and honouring them in a professional way.
• Clarifies the standards that need to be followed
• Demonstrates personal integrity and trustworthiness
• Pursues thoroughness and appropriate detail
• Communicates with integrity to different stakeholders
• Maximizes use of resources to meet standards

6. Communicating information effectively - This capability is about managing the communication of ideas, requests and information to others. It involves openness, listening, reflection, feedback, and includes non-verbal, verbal and written channels. The emphasis is also on maintaining positive relationships.
• Uses effective questions to gather relevant information
• Writes clearly and conveys intended meaning
• Listens actively, shows appropriate nonverbal behavior
• Presents appropriate information openly and willingly

7. Understanding the humanitarian industry & Represent World Vision– This capability is about knowing the general sectors of the industry, including relief, development, advocacy and marketing. It also includes knowing the key stakeholders (major NGOs and donors), plus issues impacting operations, including political, ethical and logistical.
• Discusses major NGO’s with awareness
• Describes key aspects and issues of relief
• Describes key aspects and issues of development
• Describes key aspects and issues of advocacy
• Identifies trends and changes in humanitarian industry
• Lists key information sources that keep knowledge
• Represents WV at the state level among various stakeholders such as UN agencies, INGO, state governements ministries and government departments

8. Practicing Innovation and Change - This capability is about proactively seeking new ideas, processes and solutions to achieve organizational and personal objectives and means expressing creativity in work.
• Proactively seeks opportunities to do things differently
• Finds fulfillment in work through creativity
• Demonstrates courage in the face of challenges
• Solves problems efficiently and effectively
• Cooperates with others in support of change

9. Maintaining work/life balance and effectiveness – This capability is about prioritizing a wide range of personal and organizational responsibilities and demands. It involves the flexibility, resilience and assertiveness to hold commitments in balance and in perspective as well as maintaining self control under pressure.
• Maintains balance in work, life and relationships (especially family and friendship relationships and support networks)
• Prioritizes many demands without losing focus
• Has realistic self awareness of abilities and development needs
• Successfully manages personal emotions and their effects

10. Building Collaborative Relationships - This capability is about recognizing each person’s gifts and talents, building positive, genuine relationships, fostering networks and actively participating in effective work teams. It includes both internal and external relationships and adopting a ‘team approach’ to work.
• Treats others with honor and respect
• Builds and maintains strong relationships
• Cooperates well with other team members
• Develops personal networks of effective relationships
• Good negotiation skills
• Be able to manage teams and enabling them from distance

11. Practicing Gender and Cultural Diversity - This capability is about interacting, communicating, and working sensitively with people of the opposite gender and from other cultures, ethnic backgrounds, races, ability sets, religions, geographical origins, or social groups. It means understanding,, embracing and celebrating those differences.
• Respects and is sensitive to different groups
• Adapts style to new environments and cultures
• Appreciates and embraces differences
• Understands own preferences, culture and perspective
• Expresses own beliefs in culturally appropriate manner

12. Influencing Individuals and Groups - This capability is about being able to formally and informally assert opinions, influence others, build bridges between dissenting views and attract people toward a shared understanding. It means influence and advocacy that causes others to willingly alter their perspective.
• Seeks to understand and respect differing perspectives and viewpoints
• Takes a stand on behalf of issues and groups
• Interprets and presents information with influence and impact
• Uses different styles to impact different individuals or groups

13. Strong Christian commitment as evidenced by life and character and high level of Christian maturity and theological awareness with effective working knowledge of the principles of Christian life and ministry

Demonstrates knowledge, skills and abilities in performing functions required for the job as follows:

1. TD Expertise- Broad understanding of TD.

2. Leadership Development: Ability to develop people across functions in areas relating to corporate engagement

3. Strategic Direction: Must be able to actively participate in the development of Cross Sector Partnership strategy.

4. Management: Time management, ability to manage multiple demands and relationships efficiently.

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