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 ADP Program Manager
 World Vision India

 Last Date: April 29, 2009
 Email: (Reference:

 ADP ~ Program Manager


To provide leadership for the frontline teams to design, implement, monitor and evaluate the Transformational Development programmes through the ADPs consistent with Transformational Development Policy and other standards as reflected in the relevant policies, protocols and standards of World Vision.


Facilitate quality design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

1. Facilitate community based designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes consistent with TD frame, TD policy, indicators and other TD related standards and National Targets/Strategies and LEAP
2. Ensure TD Programmes aims for peace and reconciliation and employ processes and actions that reduce risks and enhance capacities of families and communities to cope, mitigate and respond to disasters, conflicts and HIV/AIDS.
3. Ensure the protection and well being of all the children in the ADP areas, create a community network of care and community monitoring system to measure the development process of children in the community.


4. Provide performance-based leadership that builds and motivates effective teams and ensures accountability through appropriate performance management and practicing the World Vision’s core values, mission statement, covenant of partnership and appropriate policies.
5. Provide spiritual nurture for staff and enhance their understanding and commitment to the mission of Jesus Christ among the poor.
6. Ensure Transformational Development employs processes and actions that integrate intentional Christian witness without proselytism. This witness is consistent with the requirements of the Ministry Policy on Witness to Jesus Christ.

7. Exercise stewardship over all resources (cash, GIK, food aid) by maintaining financial control, procedures and records, according to accountability standards required by World Vision, local WV Boards, donors and the local government.
8. Mobilise and integrate resources - Network and access resources to match the development plans of the target areas .It is envisioned that each ADP seeks additional funding of equal amount of sponsorship funds of the project.


9. Maintain/establish meaningful relationships/network with various Government dept. NGO’s, Businesses, Churches, other organisations, CBOs, and the Community Leaders of the area to maximize the financial and technical resources and develop a synergy for effectively serving the needs of the poor.
10. Model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, maturity and integrity as an example to staff and to commend World Vision to various publics. Transformational Development programming builds inclusive ministry partnerships with local churches.

11. Be responsible for building the capacity of and care for all the ADP Staff and community leadership enhancing the commitment, character, competence, critical thinking and care of staff related issues and developing second liner.
12. Be responsible for taking calculated risk and innovate for effectiveness in the TD process.
13. Be responsible for self-development, be open for continuous learning, harnessing self and willingness to change.

14. nsure that the project has a very clear indicator based monitoring &tracking system in place to monitor at the activity level.
15. To ensure that the entire customer services standards and requirements are met on time with a high quality.
16. To ensure that there is a connect between the design and project activities leading to the overall goal of the project while taking into account the baselines & evaluation reports.
17. Ensure that all the Customer Services standards and requirements are met on time with high quality.
18. Visit children, communities and families frequently to encourage, advise, build relationships with frontline staff and communities, towards enhancing overall programme
quality- 4 visits in a week

19. Maintain high degree of financial integrity and accountability and ensure that the ADP adheres to NO and WV International Financial Policies, procedures, standards and the requirements of the in-country law. To ensure that a minimum of 75% of the ADP funds be alloted towards program costs other than Adminstration and Quality Assurance.

20. Reporting should be of quality,accurate and submitted in time.

21. Should have the ability to bring in additional resources to augment the development process.

The following knowledge, skills and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience or on the job-training..

• Must have a Masters Degree in any discipline. An advanced degree in social sciences or in development work is preferred.
• Must have at least 7years of progressive experience in development work, with at least 5 years of project management experience.
• Need to be a matured and committed Christian.
• Must have good analytical and problem solving skills.
• Excellent command on English & local language, both written and spoken.
• Knowledge of Financial Management
• Hands on experience in designing, conceptualizing and writing project proposals.
• Must be creative with participatory, facilitation, training and reflective skills.
• Must be a computer literate in Microsoft Word, Excel and other software packages.
• Must be able to communicate in a cross-cultural environment.
• Must be a good team player.
• Skillful in coaching and mentoring.

Applicants are requested to forward the resumes to:

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